Pet Hair, Pet Hair, Everywhere

If you ask me to describe myself, I would tell you I am Nancy the pet lover. Of course, I love pets, and I cannot imagine my life without my handsome dog, Tommy, and my pretty cat, Queen. But little did I know that the same pets could make my life miserable. What actually made my life miserable was the fact that I could not be able to vacuum all pet hairs from my furniture. The more I tried to make my home free of pet hair, the more I got frustrated. My closest friends stopped coming to my home. They said they did not want to leave my place covered with pet hair.

I even went ahead and hired a cleaner but still, pet hair was on my furniture, floor, carpets and everywhere. I hired another cleaner to try and continued changing cleaners until I realized that the problem was not with the cleaning process but the vacuum that I was using.

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I wondered how I could get a good vacuum cleaner because even the one I was using wasn’t old. In fact, I bought it because I thought it was the best product available in the market. Before going back to the market again, I researched thoroughly about the best vacuums, what features to look for and how to use them.

When I was convinced that I had done enough research, I started searching online store to find a vacuum that features everything I was looking for. This was the easiest part of my quest to have a great vacuum, one that could completely remove pet hair from my home. Without much hustle, I landed a product that looked exactly the same as what I wanted. It was highly rated, and not as pricey as other models in its category. The reviews were impressive too, and I made a purchase without hesitation.

When I got down to cleaning my house, I was disappointed than ever. The cleaning process left pet hair everywhere like never before. Instead of lamenting, I went back to the market and bought another vacuum that my friend had recommended for me. Again, this did not work to meet my expectations. I did not give up! I kept on searching for a good product.

When I was about to give up, I consulted a professional who recommended few machines for my case. I bought them with high hopes. And yes, they worked perfectly. Today, we live happily with my pets, and people visit me without complaining.

Review of best vacuums for pet hair

Here are the vacuums that saved my situation. I still use them, and if they ever break down, I will still buy them.

BISSELL PowerGlide 2763 Vacuum

Even though pricey, this cream de cream vacuum has a very powerful suction that gets every hair strand. This powerful vacuum features TurboEraser tool that uses strong rotating bristles to lift any pet hair and tracked-in dirt from furniture and stairs. Its powerful rotating bristles are designed not only to attract pet hair but also to pick them just as a magnet would pick small iron fillings.

During the cleaning process, the multi-level filtration helps a great deal in removing dust mites and allergens. Lastly, the multi-surface cleaning allows me to move from my carpets to my hardwood flooring with a lot of ease. It removes pet hair and freshens up my carpet. It also removes any smells and pet odors lingering within my home.

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  • It swivels and maneuvers easily
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Comes with useful attachments
  • Easy to operate


  • Short hose
  • No bag


Hoover WindTunnel High Capacity Hair Vacuum

It is upright and bagless and it is designed to be used as an all-around home vacuum. The Hoover WindTunnel comes complete with pet cleaning tools and other useful attachment tools that remove even the very stubborn pet hair. Its filtration system comprises a layer that absorbs carbon, and a reusable HEPA filter, which traps any dirt and dust.

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I love this machine because assembling it is very easy. Furthermore, its lightweight and I push it around without struggling when I am cleaning my home.



  • Cleanable filter
  • Worth every penny
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Great suctioning power
  • Maneuvers easily



  • The hose is a bit short