Bad Habits – Nail Biting

If there is one thing that is very difficult to break, then it must be a habit. I had a terrible nail biting habit throughout my childhood. My nail biting habit made my name Nancy very famous. I knew it was a bad habit because my parents and teachers tried to stop me. However, they never managed, and it is as if they gave up. When I was celebrating my 30th birthday, I took my time to write my New Year resolutions. Oh, I almost forgot! January First is my birthday. Stopping bad habits was on top of the list. And the first habit to fight was nail biting. Yes, I managed after a long struggle. But my worry is that my children might also develop this terrible habit because I only managed to stop when my two beautiful daughters were two and four.

Reasons why I stopped my nail biting habit

Here are some of the health reasons why I had to stop biting my nails.

Placing my dirty fingers in my mouth created an easy way through which germs entered my system. For this reason, I caught flu most of the times, and I frequently suffered from colds and other illness.

I suffered from toothache frequently because I was putting a strain on them all the time.

My nails looked ugly all the time. They could not grow well because I used to damage all the tissues that usually help the nails to grow.

My nails started to grow abnormally

Tips to stop nail biting

Here are some of the tips I used to stop myself from biting my nails.

I ensured my nails remained short

By keeping my nails short all the time, I didn’t have anything to chew, and there was no positive reinforcement for taking my fingers into my mouth. Because nails can grow faster than expected, I developed a trimming routine to ensure that they were always short.

I kept my nails looking beautiful

I realized that if my nails look good, I would not want to damage them in any way. And biting was one of the ways that could damage them. I maintained getting an expensive manicure that ensured that my nails always looked gorgeous. I went for expensive treatments because that could make me more careful not to damage what had cost me a lot of money.


I flavored my nails

Whenever I was having a hard time keeping my fingers off my mouth, I used bitter-flavored varnish. The good thing with varnish is that I can always apply it even over my manicured nails.


I focused on just one finger

At some point, I realized that stopping my whole hand from going near my mouth was difficult. I identified that one finger that seemed sweetest and focused on it before proceeding to the next that seemed sweeter and so on until I could control all my fingers.

Keeping at it

I know that breaking the bad habit of nail biting does not take only 21 days as many people say. And I knew it wasn’t going to take me hours to stop. I kept at it. I reminded myself all the time and developed some practices that helped me out.