The Agony of Allergies


With the changing of the seasons comes itchy eyes, runny noses, sneezes and one of the more frustrating allergy symptoms: dry cough. So what causes a dry cough anyway?

Inflammation is often to leading cause of a dry cough. Inflammation in the throat and chest from the body’s reacting to allergens causes a person to feel like coughing, even if it’s unproductive. Since the dry cough is causes by inflammation and not actual mucus it can cause a very painful sore throat. At least when mucus is present the throat is somewhat coated during a coughing fit. With an unproductive cough the sufferer is constantly causing more inflammation to and already sore chest and throat area.

The allergens often causing a dry cough include animal hair, environmental pollutants (such as smoke) and illness. If a dry cough persists with no known origin, it’s best to seek medical advice to make sure a serious illness is not the cause.

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